The Doggie Door is owned and operated by Bob Mattice. We strive to provide a safe and happy environment for your dog to come in and socialize with their own kind and make new friends, while finding the stucture in their lives that dogs crave.
We have five dogs of our own, which keeps us very busy. There is Cooper our oldest who is a yellow lab, Arial the black border collie/pitbull cross, Zeus is a Sheppard Lab, Charlie is our Chiuahau, and the last to arrive and one of our success stories, is Franco, a sheppard cross. We love all of them for their unique qualities and for the unconditional love they show us everyday!
The Doggie Door was an inspired idea from watching our dogs everyday and thinking of a place we wish we could take them that was both fun and structured. Our friends were also a great part of this idea through encouragement and ideas we owe alot to all those who have been a source of our support.
Who we are.......Who we hope to be
Our goal in this journey is to educate and inform about the responsibility of owing a dog for life. So many dogs need help and so many dog owners do too! We are the one stop shop for all their needs, obedience, behaviour, exercise, and nutrition for your companion pet!