Lost and Found Information
What do you do when you lose or find a pet?

This is one of the most common issues with us animal lovers. What to do when you lose your loved one or if you find an animal running lose.

We have put together some links, phone numbers and some pointers based on the experiances we have had.
Lose your pet?

1. Contact your local animal by-law and SPCA and put in the description of your lost pet with as much detail as possible.

2. Put your information on Petlynx. This is a fast growing network for helping lost and found pets.

3. If possible make a flyer with a picture and description. Put this flyer in areas that people frequent. Do not just concentrate on the area you think you pet is. Animals roam and will migrate far in a very short period of time so do not assume your pet is within blocks of your house.

4.Contact all your local vet clinics, provide them with your flyer.

5. If you dog is tattooed, tagged or microchiped this will make the world of difference in helping to locate your pets. But make sure you keep this info up to date.

6.Even if you have left your name with all the location shelters do not assume they will contact you if someone finds your pet. Keep checking with them daily as they do not have the resources to match lost pets to their owners.
Phone Numbers:
Animal Services for Central Alberta
PH: 403-347-2388
Red Deer SPCA
How to Read A Tattoo
The First Letter is the Year

Second and Third are the Vet Clinic

The number represent the sequence of the tattoo.

IE: TVF090

T= 2007
VF=Carstairs Veterinary Service

090 = the 90th tattoo done in 2007
Alberta Vet Link for Tattoo locations
Found a Pet

1. If dog or cat is not licensed then, put an ad on Kijiji and on petlynx. Both are free and easy.

2. If they are tattooed see if you can locate the vet clinic and give them a call to see if they can lead you to the owner. See the side panel on how to read a tattoo.

3.Take them to your vet or a vet clinic and have them scanned for a microchip.

4.If it's a dog take him for a walk around from where you found him and let them lead you. Sometimes they will tell you where they came from.

5. If none of the above is successful then start the phone calls to the local shelters and by-law. If you can keep the animal this is the best due to the overwhelming numbers of animals already in shelters. If you cannot maybe see if you have a friend can help. Surrounding them to a shelter you cannot get them back and the animal's life is now uncertain. If the owner is not located depending on the age of the animal they may never find a home.

6.If you do surrender them to a shelter try to pick a no kill shelter. The Red Deer SPCA is a no kill shelter and there are many in the province of Alberta. Check out this link for more information.
Alberta Rescue Shelters